Spring Cloud Tutorial

Spring Cloud is a collection of ready-to-use components which are useful in building distributed applications in an enterprise.

As a framework, it is widely used across industries by various companies and includes integration with OSS components from Netflix.

The major use-case for Spring Cloud is the ready-to-use solution that it provides to common problems observed in distributed environments like load balancing, service discovery, circuit breaking, etc., which can easily be integrated in an existing Spring project.

That is why, it becomes a very useful framework in developing applications which require high scalability, performance, and availability.

This tutorial deep dives into various components that make Spring Cloud a very useful framework. 

It is directed towards software professionals who want to develop highly scalable & performant applications. Post this tutorial, you would have intermediate knowledge of Spring Cloud and its usage.


To make the most of this tutorial, you should have a basic understanding of Java and Spring Framework.