Swagger - What is API Definition

The API Definition is a file that describes all the things that we can do with an API. It contains all the requests that we can make to an API. It also describes what request to make and how would response look like for each request.

Why create an API definition?

There are several advantages of writing an API definition:

  • It allows you to design the API before implementing it. The developers can review the API before writing the code for the API.
  • It also helps in automated testing.
  • It can automatically create a code in several languages.
  • It can also be used to generate the documentation automatically.

API Definition File

API Definition File is a file that contains all the things that you can do with a file. This file contains the following things:

  • Server location
  • How security is handled, i.e., authorization.
  • All the available resources in that API.
  • All the different data that you can send in a request.
  • What data is returned
  • What HTTP status codes can be returned