Docker - Container and Hosts

The good thing about the Docker engine is that it is designed to work on various operating systems. We have already seen the installation on Windows and seen all the Docker commands on Linux systems. Now let’s see the various Docker commands on the Windows OS.

Docker Images

Let’s run the Docker images command on the Windows host.

From here, we can see that we have two images − ubuntu and hello-world.

Running a Container

Now let’s run a container in the Windows Docker host.

We can see that by running the container, we can now run the Ubuntu container on a Windows host.

Listing All Containers

Let’s list all the containers on the Windows host.

Stopping a Container

Let’s now stop a running container on the Windows host.

So you can see that the Docker engine is pretty consistent when it comes to different Docker hosts and it works on Windows in the same way it works on Linux.